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Dentzz Review by New Zealand Patients

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Hello we are from New Zealand and we like to talk about our experience at Dentzz dental clinic at Mumbai, India. We both needed extensive teeth work and normally the cost is so expensive, so we started looking to go overseas and I saw in television programme it was mentioned about Dentzz dental Mumbai and then we made contact and straight away to flown and they gave us a very professional approach. Yeah, so we checked their websites and also some feedback from previous customers and we were totally convinced that we want to go straight away. So we booked the flight and went to Indian in June and when we arrived at the airport we were picked by very nice taxi driver and all this arranged by Dentzz dental and the next they picked to the clinic we made our first assessment with Dr Karishma and she checked our teeth’s, with full mouth x-ray and from the x-ray they can saw what needs to be done and from that moment we were also able to make our wishes clear and we were discussing treatments differences, different materials, also financially we have to come together. It was so we could make a plan of next coming two weeks and the next day we went straight away to our first root canal treatments. Wow that was big than we thought and I was big because she had 21 root canal treatment and I had 13. Cause what they do any teeth that have fillings, they make sure that they do ground root properly for the future crowns to be put on. So you get a root canal treatments and then everything is ready for your crowns. Yeah, but don’t worry I see many of you crunching already, but it’s absolutely painless we can assure you here that it’s absolutely painless. Its mere fact that we haven’t had any pain since the day we arrived over here and everything is done so gentle everything is so precise. Love the people too, their whole approach is that we felt really at home. We really recommend Dentzz Dental in Mumbai to all of you. So here we are after only 3 weeks of treatment and good times in between. We got totally new smiles after 28 new crowns and now when I smile and I used to smile a lot already but now I know I can smile with confidence because I know there are no dark areas anymore and nicely lined up and they really look at good shape for the space of new ones.really good. Yeah and I had really bad underbite and they adjusted it as well, that’s really wonderful and we can bite anything again so its really great. So if you want any information look at our website or call us, also photos of our before and after treatments you can look at, please feel free contact us if you need any info, it’s all free of charge. So, we are waiting for you, enjoy your smile.