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Patient from UK Shares His Experience at Dentzz Dental

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Well and shine shiny from Great Britain. When I found out Dentzz Dentist I was very apprehensive in where I was carried on but I found out very good then I done by homework and contacted people with who have been to dentist at dentzz and I got really a good feedback. That was very good! I was bit nervous as how was able to get there but so Dentzz then picked me up from airport which was really good. They arranged for my pounds changed into rupees, I got the best deal, a 100 rupees a pound. They booked a hotel for me before I arrived that was all. So basically, they sorted everything for me, all I had to do is wipe my bum..and the work done was top quality it was done four days earlier, which give me time to fly down four days early. All the staffs were very polite and I would say that Dentzz dentist are one of the best in the world and one of the cheapest.